American Heritage Girls

What we are about


The Mission

Church of the Valley exists to lead people into a flourishing relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Vision

We hope to be a church God uses to restore people

The Mandate

The church exists to love God by making new disciples (Matthew 22:37-38 and Matthew 28:19-20

The Strategy

The Ministry

We use three environments to facilitate the movement of people from where they are to authentically connecting people to God and each other so that no one suffers alone.
  The three environments are:
  1. Large Groups are our Sunday morning gatherings that inspire people to return with a friend. 
  2. Medium Groups offer helpful study, service, or community oriented opportunities that make it rewarding for people to make a multiple week commitment.  
  3. Small Groups are weekly groups that meet on or off campus to authentically connect with God and each other so that no one suffers alone.
Our leadership and volunteer team leaders uses the question, "What's the best way to...?" in each large, medium, and small group strategy to evaluate and discover "the win" and the "next step" for those on a journey to be more like Jesus.