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Todays Set List

1 . Blessed Be Your Name
2.  Made Alive
3.  Abide
4. Is He Worthy


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Continuing Sunday

At Church of the Valley, we desire to come alongside families to help them encourage everyone in their
home to learn about Jesus. The Bible teaches that parents should train their children in the way they
should go. Use this section sometime on Sunday when it works for you to help your home know Jesus

Couch Time

-  Use this question and answer to teach or learn more about God.  

Q: What is our only hope in life and death?
A: That we are not our own but belong to God.

Bless Your Children Prayer

- Use this prayer if you have children.  

Hold your children close or even place your hand upon their
head while you tuck them in for bed.  

"Dear Lord,
Please help my child to understand clearly that certain
hope is found only in relationship with you.
 Help them understand that they belong to you,
 and that they may place their hope in you,
 both now and forever. In Jesus' name,



-  Use this prayer before your meals on Sunday or anytime.

Dear Lord,
please bless the food before us,
 the family beside us,
and the love between us.
In Jesus' name,

Before You Sleep Verse

-  Read this before you go to bed as a family or by yourself.  

Romans 14:7-8

"For none of us lives to himself,
and none of us dies to himself.
For if we live, we live to the lord, and if we die,
 we die to the Lord. So then,
whether we live or whether we die,
we are the Lord's."


- Use this prayer to pray with family or by yourself.  

Thank you for loving me and calling me
 to be a part of your family.
Please help me rest tonight,
safe in the knowledge that
 I belong to you. In Jesus’ name,