American Heritage Girls

Fresh Faith: Shallow Relationships

Apr 14, 2024    Joel Brantner

God through the prophet Malachi indicts Israel of 7 different patterns of stale faith. In this week's Fresh Faith sermon, God moves from the first pattern of stubbornness and addresses the pastors/priests of the day (1:6-2:9). You can find an article on "Warning to Today's Pastors: 7 Ways to Evaluate a Pastor" in the sermon notes for this sermon. This was not addressed in the sermon for the day but was written to be read latter. Moving on to the 4th indictment or the 2nd one addressed to all the people of Israel, God speaks through Malachi about the pattern of shallow relationships (2:10-16). One of the toughest verses in all of the Old Testament to translate is 2:16 "God hates divorce." Listen here to hear how the root of divorce is found in the pattern of shallow relationships.