Creative fun for the kids!

Experiencing the Story:

You and your child will be immersed in an interactive fun story time with music and crafts for the whole family. We'll share the  stories of Jesus's birth  while interacting with our audience through music and fun activities, ending with a craft and gifts!
Come spend the day let’s Experience The Story

When: Dec. 12th, 19th & 24th 3pm-3:45

Where: Church of the Valley Lawn "weather Permitting"

Christmas Eve!

This Christmas season, grab your loved ones and the family to reflect the joy of Christmas in three different ways.

Service Schedule
3:00 pm - Petting zoo
5:00 pm - Family service - Hansen Hall
7:00 pm - Classic Christmas service - Sanctuary

Christmas Song Celebration!

Christmas is a time of the year where families and friends gather together. This event is a way to experience a traditional song celebration to spread love and joy during the season.

Dec 5th - 9am