10:31 am
Modern Service

Acts 15:28
“For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay no greater burden on you than these few requirements…”

What is a Modern Service?

Currently, 83% of people who live in Apple Valley do not attend church.  In the Bible, on multiple occasions, we see examples of people who had met Jesus bring their friends and family to meet Jesus for the first time.  Those who met Jesus were comfortable bringing those who did not know Jesus to meet him.  Jesus was known to be approachable by all.  It was the religious people that had the hardest time connecting with Jesus.  Additionally, God became flesh and lived among us.  He left the comfort of heaven so that people who did not know God could know Him.  For these and other reasons, we want to create an experience for non-Christians who have never attended church to feel welcomed and not displaced by archaic practices that are not found to be essential in the Bible.  We strive to make sure we are not an obstacle for people hearing about Jesus.  Therefore, we expect skeptics, agnostics, and atheists to be with us to meet Jesus as we gather.  God is not afraid of our questions and welcomes them.  At the 10am modern service, we are striving to provide an experience for people who question and struggle to know God.  If you are not a Christian or a Christian who has not found church approachable, then this venue of our gatherings is for you.

What We Do

We’ll have a few songs led by our band and a sermon that applies to your everyday life.  It’s OK if you have never attended church or haven’t been in a long time.  No experienced necessary.  Skeptics are welcome.  Just look for the blue canopy outside and our hospitality team will show you where to go or you can just go in, find a seat, and watch what happens.  If you have kids, there are 3 options.  We have an inside play area for use during the service, a family room where you can watch the livestream of the service and stay with your child while meeting other parents, or COV Kids where you can drop your kids off and let them hangout with our COV Kids staff.  Our service last for about one hour.  If you have a phone, scan the QR code to get all our announcements, sermon notes, church app information, and even extras to help you connect with God at home.  You can “Plan Your Visit” by going to our website.  We’ll meet you at the blue canopy outside and take you to where you need to go and show you where we’ve saved a seat for you and your party.  Coffee is available and as a first-time guest, we would like for you to visit our book table and choose a book that is most interesting to you.  It is a gift from us to you for being our guest!  We believe guests are gifts from God.

Acts 15:28

This was the early church’s advice to the church of that day regarding people who had never attended church and who had recently become Christians.  The “requirements” given to the newest, unchurched people had no suggestions about how to “worship on Sunday morning.”  The early church was concerned with how one lived rather than how one gathered to worship God.  It is estimated that there are 2.3 billion Christians in the world.  We do not gather to worship the same way, but we do worship the same God.  So, we believe the Bible gives us freedom to worship God together in many different ways according to our cultural understandings, as long as, the Bible is preached and the Good News of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.