Welcome to Church of the Valley!

At Church of the Valley (COV) we strive to be the "Heart of the Valley" where love for God, each other and our neighbors beats strong among us as Christ's love flows through us. We invite you to experience with us the joy and grace that comes in knowing we have a Savior God who cares about each one of us personally and wants us to succeed, not fail, in this life and forever. We count on the promise of God to us that we are never alone; that He is always with us, and we can support and encourage each other.

Here at COV, we center on Jesus Christ as the Head of this His church, are empowered by the Holy Spirit, and follow the Bible as our only authority for full and abundant life. The Bible is God's 'Manual for Living' for each of us and for our church. We are a place where all are accepted in the grace of Jesus Christ, introduced to Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, welcomed in the fellowship of sisters and brothers, invited to actively praise the Lord, encouraged to grow in eternal truth of God's Word for our daily situations, helped in life's trials and tests, prepared to serve others as Jesus serves us, and set free to rejoice in abundant and eternal life.

Let us help you discover this church family where you and your loved ones can grow in rich and encouraging relationships in the center of Apple Valley and the High Desert.