"Session" is the title used for the Elder Board at Church of the Valley.  A sitting Elder is one who is currently serving.
These individuals have oversight of the various ministries and mission of the church. They partner with Staff and
Ministry Teams.

The 2018 Session includes the Pastor and the Elders: Earl Allen, Alesha Allison, Bill Kirk, Faith Miller, Doug Quine, Sam Rice, Manny Gonzales, Jake Walraven, Tom Webber and Marcia Young with Patrick Singer as the Clerk of Session. 




Deacons lead the members of COV in caring for each other. They do so by serving a "Parish".  A Parish is made up of church households that live in a specific geographical area.  Deacons serve their Parish in keeping contact with their members, praying for them, encouraging them and, as unexpected life needs arise, organizing needed care.


Parish  Deacon 
Agape Kathy Smith
Amazing Grace  Shari Anderson
Amen and Daybreak  Janis Klebs
Beacon Light  Carmen Conley 
Big Fisherman   
Blessed Hope and True Light  Margaret McConnell
Burning Bush, Living Waters and Sweet Peace  Cassie Allen 
Children of the Light and Lightshine Kaye Walraven
Everlasting Arms, Sweet Communion, and Go and Tell David and Cyndi Cockrum  


Glory Be and Helping Hands   
Good Shepherd   
Green Pastures Robert Shaw
Golden Chariot and His Word        Janice Sexton
Rolling Hills                          Sue Vieira
River of Life and Still Waters          Carolyn McKean
Sunrise Ken Boynton
Upper Room and Great Faith Wendy Quine