The Ladies Spring Tea took place on Saturday, May 8, from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM in Hansen Hall. It was a wonderful celebration of our relationship with God and each other. Please enjoy these highlights...and many thanks to Sue and Kathy for sharing the days talk on being Perfectly Imperfect in Christ.



Spring Rummage Sale 2015 

Fun..useful...a blessing!



Students Mission Trip to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch - June 27- July 4, 2015

Students assisted in the kitchen, the dining hall, the snack shop, helped counselors, assisted with games and met and made friends with the children and staff at Broken Arrow. It was a deeply meaningful experience. 

Broken Arrow Bible Ranch Mission Trip 2015! We painted signs and concrete floors, we stained inside and outside decks, walkways and stars, we mowed, we built bridges, painted cabins, moved railroad ties, fixed cars and petted Ginger and Hezekiah, the Ranch dogs, to with-in a inch of their lives! We prepared the soil for the 8 weeks of summer camp that Broken Arrow provides to Native-American Children this Summer. It was a privilege and a blessing to serve.



Easter Sunday at COV was a wonderful day of celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ's resurrection. Many felt the call to be baptized or reaffirm their baptisms. It was a powerful day on the life of our church.